ALD Savannah S100


N8 Horizon


Alpha-SE Ellipsometer

ALD Savannah S100 Ultratech


This equipment allows covering materials with a resolution of a few atoms. The equipment is unique in Chile, and one of the first in Latin America. The technique allows for coating substrates with a large aspect ratio as well as substrates that are difficult to coat with other techniques. This equipment allows coating, for example, samples of porous alumina to produce nanotubes. The technique of ALD is a tremendous promise for a wide range of industries.


NanoMOKE3 Kerr Magnetometer


This equipment is the fusion between a magneto-optical magnetometer with ultra-high sensitivity and Kerr microscope. In contrast to other magnetic characterization equipments, this system can measure a very low magnetic signal, thereby allowing to investigate thin films and isolated nanostructures. Due to its characteristics, this equipment is unique in Chile, and one of the few in Latin America.




The N8 HORIZON is a powerful tool for both high-end research and for multi-user facilities investigating a variety of nano-materials from solid bulks, to fibers, surfaces or biological samples with SAXS, WAXS, and GISAXS.

Glovebox Mbraun


The glovebox generates an inert atmosphere of nitrogen with controlled levels of oxygen and moisture. This glovebox allows us to store samples that can be oxidized in atmosphere. We also use the glovebox to store and manipulate reagents that react with air or moisture. The camera also has a refrigerator to store reagents that require low temperatures.



alpha-SE Ellipsometer J. A. Wollam Co.


This equipment can measure the thickness and refractive index of thin films with higher accuracy than other techniques. The equipment is quite flexible, allowing work with various types of materials, and is quite fast, measuring hundreds of wavelengths in seconds.




Plasma Prep III

Muffle with atmosphere


Sputter coater

Plasma Prep III (PPIII) SPI Supplies


The Plasma Prep III (PP III) is the new generation of the popular and long serving Plasma Prep II RF based unit. With its compact tabletop design and ease of use, the new generation now employs a solid state design to deliver the same 100W system performance. Furthermore, the system allows working between 1 to 100 W with stability and ease of use.



Controlled atmosphere furnace GSL-1100X MTI


The muffle with controlled atmosphere achieves 975 ºC. Its structure allows a maximum temperature gradient within ± 3 ºC to 750 ºC. It also has a line for entry of inert gases and a valve for controlling the flow of gas (0-80 L/min).



Computers for Numerical Simulations


We have two computers Mac Pro 8-Core 2.26 GHz Intel Xeon and with 4 computers Mac Pro Two 2.4 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon. These equipments are mainly used for micromagnetic simulations, using the OOMMF software.



108 Auto Sputter Coater Cressington


Cressington 108 Sputter Coaters are ideal for routine sample preparation. Compact, economical and simple to operate, they offer rapid pumpdown times, fine-grain coatings and negligible sample heating. Cool, fine-grain sputtering is achieved with a very efficient dc magnetron head. A quick-change target method allows a range of metals to be used. The safety interlocked sputtering supply is fully variable and setting the sputter current is not influenced by vacuum level.